Business Improvement Zone

Election 2018

The mandate of the Transcona Business Improvement Zone is to create a place where businesses can thrive. The BIZ uses many strategies to fulfill this role, including beautification, streetscaping, activation, events, safety, advocacy and marketing.  Our members are all the businesses within the Zone.

To understand each of the Councillor candidates’ positions on many of the themes concerning the BIZ, we sent a short survey containing questions about the main concerns of businesses in Transcona, within the Zone.

One point we noted as interesting is that some candidates seem to have confused Active Transportation (the use of bikes, walking and other forms of self-propelled transportation and associated infrastructure) with Rapid Transit (high speed bus/light rail transportation and routes) .

Click on the links below to see the candidates’ replies.  The responses have not been edited, they are printed here as we received them. To see the questions alone click here.

Alex Allard

Basil Evan

Shane Geschiere

Steve Lipischak

Shawn Nason

Sandeep Sharma   No response

Ray Ulasy

Wally Welechenko


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