Business Improvement Zone

Reader Boards

Transcona BIZ would love to help advertise your next community event.

Reader Boards are available for rent for community events by non-profit organizations, no commercial advertisements.

Here are the options:

  • Digital  Reader Board located at the corner of Plessis and Dugald
  • Digital Reader Board located on Regent across from the Brick
  • Non-digital Reader Board located on Regent before Vickar (826 Regent Ave W)

Digital Reader Board = $42 per message for 1 week, messages 3 lines and 16 characters (Flexible)

Non-Digital Reader Board = $22 per side for 1 week, messages 7 lines and 14 characters per line.

*As of January 1, 2018 there has been a $2 increase in reader board prices, the prices above reflect this increase*

*For a 3% fee, we accept payment by Visa/Mastercard

To book the readerboards, please fill out a request form here:

Please note that the Transcona BIZ has the right to refuse bookings.

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