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We’re always busy at the BIZ! Each season we host a variety of events at Transcona Centennial Square, and we also run a number of programs to help make the Zone an attractive place for businesses.

So if you’re looking for some meaningful and challenging work; looking for work experience; want to learn about urban¬†planning or just want to help out in your community, why not become part of our Volunteer Crew?

It’s easy and free! Just fill in the form below, and check the types of work you’d like to help with. We have opportunities for everyone, depending on the season, kids (accompanied by a parent of guardian), youth, seniors, everyone! Once you’ve become a volunteer, we’ll try and find you a suitable place on the team. Please understand that most volunteer positions are a few hours a week, on an as needed basis. Our Executive Director will call you to confirm your intentions. We’re looking forward to having you on board!

Not keen on filling in a form? That’s okay, just give us a call at 204-222-8566.

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