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City of Winnipeg

Streets Maintenance Division • Division de l’entretien des riles


The undersigned, being the owner or authorized agent of the property at____________________

in the City of Winnipeg, Manitoba, in consideration of The City of Winnipeg agreeing to remove or conceal, at no charge, any graffiti which is or may become present on property within one year understands and agrees:

  • The City of Winnipeg will work on the area of my property that is affected by graffiti, and not the entire structure;
  • The work done will be in the discretion of the City, including but not limited to the decision to remove graffiti or cover over it, the type and colour of material used, and the method of application of any material;

The undersigned further agrees to release and indemnify and keep indemnified The City of Winnipeg and its servants, agents, employees, and contractors from and against all claims, actions, or proceedings for loss, injury, damages, or compensation by any person, firm, or corporation, whether to real or personal property, wheresover situated, or by any person whomsoever (including the undersigned or any member, employee, agent, licensee, invitee, or third party whether claiming through or under the undersigned or otherwise) howsoever caused, including by reason of, resulting from, or in any way incidental to the removal or concealment of graffiti on my property, notwithstanding that same may have been contributed to or occasioned by the negligence of The City of Winnipeg or its servants, agents, employees, and contractors, or in any way connected therewith.

This Release and Indemnity is for one year from the date of signing, or until revoked in writing by the owner / agent.

I have read the above and agree:

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