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Thank you for your questions

I feel the Transcona biz does an excellent job in what they’ve done in Transcona so far. I would like to be involved directly, to help make sure the Transcona, along with the help of the Transcona biz, keeps moving in a positive direction.

I would like to see continued improvements being made in the Transcona business Zone area. Revitalization, aesthetically, would be a nice attraction for the downtown area of Transcona

We need something to attract people to want to come to the downtown area. Although it is improved, some different stores, restaurants, something to create a social gathering in more intimate settings. The plaza area is great, and what the Transcona biz has done to utilize it has been wonderful. But something more where you might want to go with your friends to grab something to drink or something to eat.
The murals are also very good idea. I think that adding more of them begins to make it a destination will people will want to come see them. Maybe making it become more of an artistic Zone

Crime and accountability is on my list things I would like to see enforced. Although that may be a timely matter it’s something that has to start. As we cannot expect people to sit there 24 hours a day, I would recommend the installation of cameras, which for minimal cost could help deter this problem

I would like to see a reduction in the taxes and fees reduced for businesses to a fair level, along with extinguishing the business assessment tax.

To encourage small businesses to locate downtown Transcona cause back to the previous question and answer of revitalizing and making it a destination we’re people will want to come downtown. That is a collaboration effort between the city councillor, the business owners that exist, and the Transcona biz. I would like to see any vacant buildings filled, as empty buildings deter people from going to that area for lack of life. That again depends on the owners of the buildings

Would like to see if I could streamline the process for permits at City Hall to make it easier for small businesses and reduce the red tape

I’m not in favor of opening Portage and Main has to take an already busy corner and make it more congested does not seem to make sense. I also feel that the money could better be spent somewhere else. That being said I’m not closed to the idea provided that somebody could show me a better plan.

I have not read any of the Jane Jacobs books

I do support protected bike lanes

I would like to see the Transcona Trail extended. It is something that is widely used on a daily basis so definitely something to expand upon.

Personally, I don’t think it should have ever been legalized. It is only going to create other problems to deal with. As a preference, I would prefer not to have a store in downtown Transcona. It has never been a problem for people to get it before, I don’t think that would change

Thank You
Wally Welechenko


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