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What will you do as the City Councillor for Transcona to support the Transcona BIZ and its members?

Work with the Transcona Biz to promote and facilitate business growth and ensure current members are satisfied with the Biz’s overall performance in the business community.


What is your vision for the Transcona Business Improvement Zone in the next five years?

Support current members in business growth and committed to fixing aging infrastructure to improve accessibility and overall look of the business area.


What are your top priorities for improving and revitalizing Transcona’s historic downtown area including Regent Ave from Winona to Kanata; and how would you make these priorities happen?

Committed to fixing aging infrastructure in the Biz Zone.


What will you do to increase public safety and to reduce vandalism in the downtown area, especially after dark?

Continue to work on addressing the problem at its core. Crime is fueled by addiction. We are currently facing a huge Meth crisis. Put a process in place to deal with the offenders at the community/ street level before they resort to criminal activity. Immediate Intervention strategy that would be adopted by our local Law Enforcement.


What policies will you develop to increase commercial economic development in Transcona?

Immediate Attention Policy when dealing with the economic growth in our Community.


 What policies will you develop to encourage new small businesses to locate in downtown Transcona (Regent Ave from Kanata to Winona); encourage existing business to stay; to fill vacant buildings?

Promote our Community to other areas. Work with our Chamber groups and Economic Development offices to attract new businesses’ to our area. Provide support where appropriate to encourage our businesses to stay in the Community.


What will you do to assist small businesses with the municipal permit process (occupancy permits, sign permits etc.) at City Hall?

Make the process more efficient and help work through the process to ensure permits, etc, are done in a timely fashion. Look at a break in fees for new small business start up.


Are you for or against opening Portage & Main to pedestrians?



Have you read any books by Jane Jacobs?

No, but I am familiar with her work as an activist and her belief’s in community based approach to city building. This speaks to my core values of community inclusion.


Do you support protected bike lanes in Transcona?



What are your priorities to increase active transportation between Transcona and the rest of Winnipeg; and within the community itself?

Transit was an issue in 2014 and still is today. I would continue to advocate for a more effective Transit system to connect our Communities and make the system a safer one for the Operator and passengers.


What is your position on legal recreational cannabis retail stores opening in the BIZ Zone?

It is legal, therefore I would support it. This could also be an opportunity to attract businesses to our area and increase employment growth for people in our Community.



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