Business Improvement Zone



1 The Transcona Biz upholds our business community. I would actively liase with the board and it’s members as I work for the people of Transcona.


2 I would like to see more economic growth as I’m sure the Biz and it’s members. Work together to bring more people to downtown to purchase locally. The summer markets are a nice touch, but need to be sustainable all year. I would also like to see more job fairs for our youth, so they can see opportunities here.


3 With the help and guidance of the Biz, we should work on ensuring accessibility to all shops and buildings. As well, a little help for the owners with sprucing up the storefronts would go a long way to bring more foot traffic to downtown.


4 In the past few months I have heard from residents on their concerns to reduce crime and vandalism. I met  with James Favel of the Bear Clan Patrol to discover ways to deter these crimes. It all comes down to community… Neighbour helping neighbour. Let’s have better lighting downtown after dusk, if we see something wrong let’s contact authorities, let’s communicate with each other for ideas. It all starts with us, neighbour helping neighbour.


5 We need to allow business in Transcona the opportunity to grow. The Biz can help with events’ advertising, sprucing up downtown and bike paths…the owner’s can help with the same … I would be available and a voice to bolster our local economy because to me local business matters.


6 Once again, I feel it all comes down to promotion and it is up to us as leaders in the community to promote downtown. I live in Transcona, I shop in Transcona, I eat in Transcona. Our downtown area needs to be beautified to draw more people and businesses. If there is a vacancy, then we should do what we can to make the front look nice. Lighting is a factor as well.


7 I would always be accessible to help cut through red tape. There’s far too much these days and takes time out of people’s days and in turn they lose money having to deal with bureaucracy.


8 I believe there are far too many other issues that this city needs taken care of at this time. I am not against spending money or economic growth, I’m just against being fiscally irresponsible.


9 I have not, however I do know about her and her work. I also that her books are valued by many scholars.


10 I am for anything that protects our citizens. Bike lanes would be of great advantage if drivers and cyclists would both be respectful of the lanes and each other.


11 I had the opportunity to ride some buses with many residents in August. I spoke with many, including operators, to get their view on Transit. An overwhelming majority do not believe in a need to have Rapid Transit, however all feel the need to increase bus service especially during peak times and to have better feeder route sevice. You would require more drivers, thus adding to the economy, while saving millions from Rapid Transit.


12 This law comes into effect in a couple of weeks. I am not sure if there is a plan to open a business in Transcona at this time, but I would like to ensure safety. Not around a school zone, no minors allowed instore, like tobacco the cannabis hidden behind a no see door or panel. As long as kids and community are safe.




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